Tan Kahuna
General Information
Stage Name Tan Kahuna
Birth Name Jorge Alberto Orellana
Gender Male
Age December 2, 1994 (17)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Occupation(s) Student in high school, Skateboarder, designer, actor, rapper
Aliases Tan Kahuna (The Almighty Notorious), Tucci Kane, Tu Kat, T-Vert Kruise
Friends Strong Kahuna (Victor Gray), Fresh Kahuna (Aric Barnes)
Interests Skateboarding etc.
Weaknesses Sweet Potato Pie
Favorite Animal(s) Owls, Panthers(black cats)
Education High School Student
First Appearance Pilot episode - "Steady, Set, Skate!"
Last Appearance N/A

"Tan Kahuna" (Jorge Orellana) is the main protagonist on the online web series "Skate Life". He started skateboarding in middle school. Orellana was born in Baltimore, Maryland on December 2nd, 1994. He is the CEO/Founder of the company 'Owls-FS' & is the original founding member of his social group 'Kahuna Squad'. Jorge originally auditioned for another part on another web series that the 'iTornado' production company was working on, but shortly after meeting him producers liked his personally & thought it was better to show that through a reality/documentary/comedy series rather then a scripted sitcom. Along with skateboarding Tan Kahuna is also rapper and actor.


Tan Kahuna is a male Hispanic. His trade mark is his Tan skin Color. He has black hair & dark brown eyes. Jorge is fit. & sometimes is known also for his black hair, which he tends to let grow out from time to time.


Tan Kahuna is very optimistic & usually has a very happy-go-lucky attitude. He laughs a lot. He is smart, fast, deep, joyful & noisy all at the same time. (He is known mostly for his crazy high-pitched laugh)


Year Title Role Notes
2012 Skate Life Hisself Lead Role (Co-creator)

Tan Kahuna: Gallery

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  • Midnight - Single
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  • Tan & Fresh chilling outside!
  • Chips & Texting

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