This is the page for the episodes of the new Youtube original web series "Skate Life " starring Jorge A. Orellana as Tan Kahuna . The series follows Orellana & his friends on a journey to becoming better skaters. All the episodes are available here.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 2 March 3, 2012

March 27, 2012

Season 1: 2012

  • Season 1 consist of 13 episodes.
  • Tan Kahuna has been present for every episode so far.
  • Fresh Kahuna & Strong Kahuna were absent for one episode so far (Pilot).
  • The views that are shown are the views that it had in total on the day it was uploaded.
  • Each of the episodes has the word 'skate' or 'life' in it for a clever catch that relates to show title.
  • On August 23, 2012 Tan Kahuna comfirmed he was not returning to series.

Title Directed by Location Original air date Prod.

U.S. viewers

1 1 "Steady, Set, Skate!" Domenick Bowman Whitemarsh, MD March 3, 2012 101 235 views

A boy named Tan Kahuna (Jorge Orellana) starts off on an adventure to become a better skater. He tries new things & goes to new places.

Note: This episode was the first one to be shot & edited. It is the pilot episode for the series.

2 2 "Fast Life, Skate Right!" Domenick Bowman Baltimore, MD March 27, 2012 102 131 views

Tan attempts to go skating around CCBC. But he thinks he'll need help so he calls in the help of his two friends; Fresh & Strong Kahuna. They learn new tricks & have a fun time. Tan tries to do more stunts.

Note: This is the first appearance of Fresh Kahuna (Aric Barnes) & Strong Kahuna (Victor Gray). The theme song opening has changed. The new intro also has clips of Fresh & Strong, due to them becoming series regulars. The opening its a bit longer then it was in the first episode. This episodes is pretty much a set idea of how the newer ones will look. Producer, Domenick Bowman confirmed that the newer episodes will be based a lot of the second episode.

Guest Star: Josh, Jack.

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